Vegetarian January

While a lot of people decided to go vegan during January or don’t drink any alcoholic beverages, I simply didn’t want to quit milk and milk-based products. From time to time I try oat milk or similar products but I just don’t like how they taste even when used for hot chocolate. For this reason I chose to live vegetarian for the month and, to my surprise, I actually quite liked it!

Of course, I missed some of my favorite dishes and a good Cordon Bleu in particular, but that month motivated me to be more selective when it comes to eating meat. Less frequent in general and meat from organically fed and humanely treated animal wherever possible.

On the other hand, the less meat I eat, the more I can try new things and new tastes or just once again eat the best Dürüm I’ve ever had: The vegan one at Dönermeister in Vienna 🙂

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