Review: Meatballs at Ballekes in Brussels

With quite a delay I’m now finally getting to writing down some thoughts an experiences from FOSDEM 2023 in Brussels on the first weekend of February 😅 Took a while but here we go with the first meal I had that weekend:

Right after doing some shopping at Le Typographe for some Traveler’s Company notebooks, we (Ulo and I) stumbled upon a little restaurant called Ballekes (in Chaussée de Charleroi, 174 ) which is specialised on Belgian meatballs! We were greeted with a quiet hip interior with the usual light-text on the wall and bar feeling.

Two meatballs with fries in the middle

After a quick tour by the sole staff member about how things work there, I opted for a “Dikkenek menu” consisting of two meatballs and a side. For each of the (in my case chicken) meatballs I could pick one from 6 sauces and decided to go with “Belgian Cheese” and “Trappist”. While the first was pretty much what was hinted at by the name (cheese 😉) the Trappist was basically a strong beer sauce with caramelised onions which went not only very well with the meatballs but also with the fries that I picked as a side 😋 €13.90 for all of this was more than fair!

Ballekes has also a nice selection of local beers and also a special collaboration with Bertinchamps called “Ballekes x Bertinchamps blond” which was excellent!

To summarise: I really enjoyed everything there and am really looking forward to trying more meatball/sauce combinations next year! Chaussée de Charleroi, 174, 1060 Bruxelles, Belgium

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