GoGraz February 2023 meetup

Sadly, this month’s GoGraz meetup didn’t go as planned. I originally wanted to give a quick introduction to adding tracing to Go applications using OpenTelemetry (together with Grafana Tempo).

A few folks, sadly, had to cancel on short notice and right at 19:00, when the meetup was about to start, Meetup.com had some outage so even if people wanted to come, they couldn’t get to the Zoom link. After waiting for 20 minutes in the call to make sure that really nobody would come, I cancelled the call. If you tried to join but simply couldn’t and had no way to contact me (due to the Meetup.com issue), I’m really sorry and hope to see you next month! 😢

On a positive note, we now have at least one talk in the backlog for next month! That being said, if you want to give a presentation or just have a topic you want to hear about, please create a ticket on https://github.com/gograz/ping!