FOSDEM 2023: A quick recap

It’s always sad when FOSDEM is over. Besides enjoying great Belgium dishes, the trips to Brussels have always provided me lots of new knowledge but also new ideas what might be interesting to play with next! This time around, the trip and the work-week before that turned out to be a bit more taxing than expected and so I couldn’t join that many talks.

That being said, I had a lot of fun on the monitoring and Go track before trying to jump onto the live-streams before requiring some bed-time! The event was as crowded as ever, which probably added to my exhaustion. Same as every year 😉

All the talks I was able to see in person or in recording afterwards were great, but I had one absolute highlight: OpenSource Software at NASA by Steve Crawford. If you have the time (and you should have), make sure to watch it!

On Saturday night, for the first time, I even managed to join one of the side-event organized by GitHub at Scott’s Bar with great discussions, food, and drinks!

One important aspect of every conference is also to find some new things to play around with. This time I got these:

  • Lua in general and Lua as embedded language in Go applications
  • Pretty much everything around Matrix 2.0
  • … and looking into the software stack for FOSDEM

I still haven’t watched every talk that is on my list but there may or may not another more topic-specific post coming out of this 🙂

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