I do not need a refund!

A couple of days ago, DaringFireball reported that both, Tweetbot and Twitterific for iOS, have been updated to ask their users if they really needed a refund from them now that they could no longer provide their original services. I cannot imagine the situation they must be in, having been unplugged from Twitter’s API without any warning from one minute to another. Now that that the apps are basically defunct but were financed through subscriptions, user can theoretically get a refund. For the respective developers this means no income and having to pay a certain amount back for every active subscriber. Tweetbot, for instance, now gives you three options:

  1. Transfer your subscription to Ivory (their new app for Mastodon)
  2. Indicate that you don’t want a refund
  3. Get a refund (by not doing anything)

Personally, I already have an Ivory-subscription but I also picked (2). I’ve happily used Tweetbot for many years and if I can help Tapbots (the company behind Tweetbot) to stay alive (by not wanting a couple of Euros back), then that’s an easy decision.

If you also have a subscription with either Tweetbot or Twitterific, please check the app for your options there! Please note that this is even relevant for you if you’ve already cancelled your subscription but have still some days left on it!