Review: Blitz by Daniel O'Malley

It’s always awesome when you finally get to read a new book in a series that you really like. When I first read “The Rook” in 2019 I was immediately hooked by the urban phantasy universe around a secret organisation made up of supernatural beings trying to protect “normal” humans from … supernatural events with story-arcs usually spanning centuries.

“Blitz” is a great continuation of that, now taking place in two time periods: In the early 21st century and in the middle of WWII during the German attacks on London. This time around you are following two Pawns of the Checquy (Bridget and Lyn) and get to know the organisation from the point of view of people from Apex House and the Lady.

While one part of the story focuses on events that may or may not involve German soldiers in London, the other mostly revolves around how new people join the Checquy, how they learn about their powers, and are eventually trained to become Pawns.

Both were fascinating and extremely thrilling! While it took me about a month to finish those 836 pages, this was not a fault of the book! Yes, 800+ pages are quite an investment but if you like urban phantasy, “Blitz” and the other stories in the series are in my opinion absolutely worth your time!