Review: Quellenhotel Bad Waltersdorf

After a couple of stressful work-weeks and family events we thought to take a little timeout at a thermal bath in Bad Waltersdorf. Due to a special offer we didn’t stay at the Spa Resort Styria but instead decided to give the Quellenhotel Bad Waltersdorf a try, which is basically the hotel complex attached to the large thermal bath in Bad Waltersdorf.

As usual, we arrived by train + bike which is always a big surprise for any hotel staff when they want to give you place in the garage but you tell them you’re there by bike ๐Ÿ˜…. The reception area of the hotel was warm and welcoming and you already notice that you’re close to a thermal spring by the humidity and warmth of the air… We decided to hit the hotel bar first since it was already well into the afternoon and we were too tired even to change into our bathing attire. The bar was really nice and has a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including cocktails. The cocktail menu wasn’t as fancy as at Spa Resort Styria but what we tried from it was great!

The room was, unfortunately, less luxurious and in some areas reminded us that you can also get trip there supported by your health provider. It was comfortable, clean, and modern, but not fancy. The bath room was tiny and the shower was just a cabin, which wasn’t something I had expected at this price level.

Luckily, we didn’t go there to spent too much time in our room but to relax in the various thermal pools around the complex. While attached to one of the large thermal baths in the region, the hotel also has its own Spa area with pools, sauna, and more. We especially enjoyed the hot outdoor pool which faced a small hill with lots of birds, deer, and rabbits living there! I spent probably two hours alone with watching a large hare cleaning itself ๐Ÿ˜… While the loungers near the pools aren’t as comfortable as those as the Styria, the thermal bath complex is just much larger and has more too offer. Just don’t expect to get too much reading and video gaming on your Switch done ๐Ÿคช

Similar to the room, the meals were unfortunately at least in the beginning also a mixed bag: The dinner on the first evening was “ok” but nothing that would make us come back to this hotel just for the food alone. Luckily, with the breakfasts and the dinner on the second evening everything changed and was delicious! I’d say, at this point it was nearly at the same level as the Styria Spa.

Overall, we really enjoyed our weekend at the Quellenhotel and next time it might end up being a tough choice between it and the Spa Resort Styria. Both have a lot to offer and it depends on if we want to spend more time in the various pools or lying around and relax. ThermenstraรŸe 111, 8271 Bad Waltersdorf, Austria

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