Building a second brain

First while using GTD and the after adopting the Bullet Journal method I’ve always struggled on how to organize references, notes, and other support material.

Thanks to this interview on I stumbled upon the book “Building a Second Brain” by Tiago Forte. Here the author goes into some of the reasons why you want to move information out of your brain and into an external knowledge ma system. He also introduces a process on how to get information into it (Capture, Organize, Distill, Express) and also a catalog system for organizing the data in there (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archive).

I’ve now tried to apply this system for about two months and am really enjoying it. While I’ve always done “Capture”, the organizing using PARA has improved my knowledge management drastically.

Core of this for me was setting up Obsidian on all my devices and providing an easy way to sync between them. All data is stored on self hosted servers and so I also dare putting personal data into it, which lowered the barrier even further.

That was crucial here: having a really low barrier to add notes into the system, no matter what area of my life is affected by that.

Back to the book, though: If you are already applying some kind of task management system and are struggling with organizing knowledge around those tasks, then you should definitely give this book a close look πŸ˜€

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