Social Media Exhaustion

Over the last couple of months my relation ship with social media in general has felt like a roller coaster but in general, it’s just a bit too much again. While I still enjoy my little corner of the Fediverse also thanks to apps like Mona (more on that perhaps in another post), the demise of Twitter and the recent (private) launch of BlueSky has changed something in the community.

I see more and more bashing: Of other networks like BlueSky in this case, other languages (just take a look at the golang-tag which contains a lot of content where people just found yet another that their preferred language X “does better” than Go), or simply other things in general.

This is tiring. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not looking for a feel-good social network but I don’t want to spend the time I have available doom-scrolling through heaps of non-constructive bashing. Having “single” streams right now doesn’t work for me that well anymore.

I’m not yet at the same point of frustration as Kev, but think I might eventually get once again to the point where I will be extremely selective about the mainstream social networks and just focus on some subreddits (like r/fountainpens) and websites that I can consume through my feed-reader. Neither of these stress me and I can just look into whatever topic I currently care about without also having to scroll through tons of other areas.

At the same time, I will probably also reduce the number of accounts I’m following on the fediverse and treat it more as a communication and discussion medium than as something I use to active look for “news”.

Whatever approach I will take, I think I have to change something about my social media consumption and this sounds like a decent first step.

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