Black Knight

Black Knight is a new show (6 episodes) on Netflix taking place in a post-apocalyptic Korea. The trailer already looked nice so I thought it might be something nice to watch over the weekend. Turns out, I finished it in one day 😅

The story is somehow similar to movies like “Elysium” where the rich have created a safe heaven for themselves while the general population basically has to fight to survive. While normal citizens can still order general supplies (like oxygen, food, …) through the so-called “deliverymen”, non-citizens have basically no right or status and only have a chance to escape that by becoming deliverymen who in turn have become skilled fighters since they have to become the goods they transport against pirates and other elements.

Obviously, such a system - especially when depicted in a show or movie - cannot hold for long and “Black Knight” takes place just when the one major corporation that supplies pretty much everything to citizens, gets a bit too power-hungry.

While especially in the beginning the dialogs were a bit too comic-book-like, the show got better and better with every episode with great acting, lots of special effects, and a good soundtrack. I also really enjoyed the universe that was built here (as far as you can “enjoy” such a world 😅)!