Amazon Kindle’s idea of a family

I sometimes really have to laugh about how different companies define the concept of a family or household. In Amazon’s case a “household” (or “family” in some of their UI) consists of exactly two adults and up to four children. Only the adults can have full accounts while the children are just profiles.

This works up to the point where you have a teenager that would like to buy their own stuff but still wants to have access to the “family library”. In short: This doesn’t seem to work as there seems to be no way to add a third adult to the household.

The only workarounds we’ve found so far is that the teenager has to switch between various accounts or that if we want to buy them a book we have to use the “Buy for others” feature. I was really surprised to see that Apple’s Family Sharing feature is much more usable there which is yet another reason for me to buy books from Apple if they are only available in a DRM’d way…