Finally some good old Star Trek!

Over the last couple of days I finally had the time to watch season one of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Since I didn’t want to get yet another subscription and was quite confident that I’d like it, I got the season as Bluray. And I was so right!

Unlike with Discovery, every episode is its own adventure and mostly standalone except for character development aspects. Also unlike Discovery I really like every single character in SNW. Combined with lots of humor and excellent acting I just couldn’t stop grinning.

The show is far less concerned with building a universe but just telling nice stories. At the same time there are tons of references to the original show without feeling like fan-service or requiring you to know them to enjoy them.

Too bad that season one only consists of ten episodes. I’m just glad that season two is already being streamed so I also won’t have to wait too long for it to reach a Bluray disc-box in my collection 😍

startrek #tvshows