Reviewing places

When I travel I rely heavily on reviews left by other people on services like Google Maps,, or TripAdvisor. To give something back to places Iโ€™ve enjoyed I usually also leave a review of my own there to make them perhaps more appealing to those who come after me. Sadly, I was not as consistent with also keeping a copy of these reviews on my own website. This is something I want to change but Iโ€™m now completely sure yet how.

Initially, I will probably just write the review on my blog first and then copy it over to Google Map et al. If I enjoy the process, there might be some metadata and geotagging available alongside the core review to make them more useful also to myself in the long run.

The naming of these reviews might also change from time to time. At first I might just prefix them withโ€œPlace:โ€ just so that you know right away, if you want to skip that post ๐Ÿ˜‰