Place: Zloam Wirt

“Zloam Wirt” is a restaurant located within the “Narzissendorf Zloam" holiday village (near Bad Aussee in Austria) but you can also go there if you’re not a village guest! From the outside it looks like a modern log cabin with a large outdoor seating area and a playground for smaller children. On the inside, it is decorated as a classic Austrian country restaurant but brand new. The menu also reflects that: Regional dishes with a modern touch, focussing on ingredients from local farmers.

Mousse au chocolat

Over the course of our vacation week at Zloam we went there three times and tried as much from the menu as possible, a classic “Schnitzel Wiener Art” (prepared in a pan with butter, as it should be), a summer salad (with pesto and tofu!), and also a tomato risotto. Everything was of very high quality and delicious. Zloam Wirt is not cheep but the servings are large and you get quite a lot for your money!

Beef Brisket with Mangold

Also make sure to study the daily recommendations! Once we had beef brisket in a tasty red-whine sauce with mangold and it was just amazing!

To summarise: We really enjoyed our visits to Zloam Wirt and even after thinking really hard couldn’t come up with a single aspect that we didn’t enjoy. Another reason for that was also the extremely friendly cheerful staff! Archkogl 188, 8993 Grundlsee, Austria

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