Hidden Strike - What a mess

In general when I see a new Jackie Chan movie, I want to see it and I usually enjoy it. So how bad can a movie with him, John Cena, and Pilou Asbæk be?! If we consider Hidden Strike, turns out, really bad.

The plot is set around a Chinese oil refinery in Iraq that is attacked by rebels and Jackie Chan is tasked together with a special ops team to evacuate everyone. John Cena plays Chris, a former US soldier, that helps in a nearby village which has been cut off from water due to the oil refinery. Chris’ brother is hired as a mercenary to attack the evacuation convoy, Chris needs money to repair the village’s water pump and is lured under false pretenses to participate in that attack. Things escalate from there.

The plot is unfortunately completely boring and predictable. But that would be ok if the dialogue and some form of humor were there. They were not. Especially the dialogues were often on a level below action cartoon for children. To make things worse, the special effects are so cheap that you could see exactly which scenes were filmed inside a studio.

I think this was the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time and I have no idea where these 80M USD in budget went.

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