Webmentiond 1.1.0 released

After two years I thought it was time to finally put some of those changes that had been made to Webmentiond actually also into a numbered release again. So after some cleaning up and tooling improvements last night, I’ve now pushed version 1.1.0 of Webmentiond out this morning πŸ₯³

Changes include:

  • Support for STARTTLS using EMAIL_USE_STARTTLS environment variable
  • Add SERVER_AUTH_JWT_SECRET environment variable
  • Improve detection of likes and comments (in nested h-likes)
  • JWT secret can now be configured via an environment variable
  • Expose metrics only if a --metrics-addr is set
  • Adding version data to binary (and --version flag)

You can get the new version via DockerHub: zerok/webmentiond:v1.1.0.

Big thanks to everyone who has used the project over the years and especially those who’ve provided feedback and improvements! ❀️

With the new tooling changes in place, creating proper releases should be much easier going forward so you will probably see more of these in the future!

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