Vegetarian dining at Speis am Lendhafen

Since we had something to celebrate last week, we wanted to also celebrate it with a fancy dinner. During the last couple of years, a few really nice vegetarian/vegan restaurants have opened in Graz and so we decided to try one that offered a bit of extra fanciness: “Die Speis am Lendhafen”, a tiny but very modern restaurant located at Mariahilferplatz. It only has about five indoor tables and a couple on the outside. Since it was raining on that day, the place was unfortunately pretty empty with us being the only guests in the beginning.

Unlike a lot of other places in this price category, they offer a 5- or 7-course menu which sounded exactly what I wanted for such a celebration! When ordering you also get to choose between a vegan or vegetarian option. The main difference is that two of the course also contain some cheese if you take the vegetarian route. Since I love cheese, I went that route!

Grilled zuccini with goat cheese

And I wasn’t disappointed! You can find the whole menu here and I have to say, each course was delicious! My personal highlight was the greeting from the kitchen (second course) which was a grilled piece of zucchini with pumpkin seed oil, goat cheese, and roasted nuts/seeds! I just love those little surprise courses from the kitchen 😍

To summarise: I can absolutely recommend “Die Speis am Lendhafen” if you want to have a fancy vegetarian dinner! They also have a lot of other meals on their menu so I’m pretty sure there should be something for you unless you absolutely want to at some meat πŸ˜… Mariahilferplatz 2, 8020 Graz, Austria

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