Exploring Austrian Beer Culture

Recently I had the chance to participate in a beer tasting session as a gift from my partner where we went through about a dozen different beers from all over the world including some from the now closed Anchor brewery. We also talked a lot about Austrian beer culture, something I had somehow never gotten into so far. I knew there were some smaller local breweries out there but I completely missed how many there actually were!

Part of the gift was also a copy of the Bier Guide Austria which tries to provide an overview of all Austrian breweries, new beer creations of the year, and the best places to enjoy a drink. With this new source of knowledge in hand I will from now on try to visit some of these places whenever Iโ€™m traveling through the country. Just last week I had an evening available and so went to 1516 Brewing Company to enjoy a great wheat beer and an even better โ€œpumpkin aleโ€. The latter being possibly my favorite beer so far this year!

I think this quest to get to know the Austrian beer culture got off to a good start ๐Ÿ˜„