Aftermath has launched

A couple of days ago a new gaming blog called “Aftermath” was launched by a group of former Kotaku/Washington Post writers/editors: Nathan Grayson, Gita Jackson, Riley MacLeod, and Luke Plunkett. If you’ve following the industry at least somehow you will probably recognize at least some of these names.

If the collective experience of the writers weren’t interesting enough, the site also has a very reader-friendly business model: It is owned by the editors and not financed through ads but directly through subscriptions. There are multiple tiers available (starting at $7/month) which will give you access to things like bonus podcast episodes, newsletters, and a private Discord server.

Given all that I’m pretty curious how this site will turn out. Ad-financed sites recently got more and more annoying in my news-feed especially during launch weeks of AAA games, spamming dozens of articles for every single side-quest. Without that dependency on ads I hope that Aftermath will be able to stick to industry news and high-level content without having to go down that route.