Doctor Who as a happy place

Some days are just bad. Things go wrong, work starts piling up, panic starts settling in, and things just continue to go downhill from there. Probably, everyone has such days every once in a while and everyone hopefully has some routine to get out of the mental loop that might result from that.

For me, watching an episode of Doctor Who is that. Ever since I watched my first episode back in 2009 on a Hotel bed in London, the show has had a special place in my heart. There is something magical when a show offers a positive outlook at the world, no matter how dire the situation. Each and every episode has me immediately hooked, I forget all my worries at least for those 60 minutes, and it feels like my brain uses that time to relax and reset again. No constant thinking, no worries, just that feeling of being part of an adventure, exploring everything that is amazing and exciting about the universe in all of time and space!

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