Review: River's of London: Winter's Gifts

To get a bit of a mix between all these technical books that I want to read this year I also picked up the latest novel in the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. Set at the shores of Lake Superior “Winter’s Gifts” is all about FBI special agent Kimberley Reynolds as she follows a call for support by retired agent Patrick Henderson who now lives in a fictional town in North Wisconsin near multiple Reservations. The place alone held the promise of lots of local mythology and folklore! It mostly lived up to that but felt a bit muted compared to the main instalments of the series.

I enjoyed it more than the other side-stories set in Germany but in places it just felt weird, especially when Kim’s inner monologue asked what Peter Grant would have done. In the early pages of the story there were hints about some magic experience inside the FBI but somehow it was hidden from their own agents working on the same matter. Other places made a few too many religious remarks that felt out of place given the history of the series. It was an entertaining read, though, just don’t expect too much and hope for the next Peter Grant adventure! When I read “Winter’s Gifts” it was just exactly what I needed, hence 4 stars πŸ˜„

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