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At this point everyone is fully bought in to the idea that the log4j team must urgently fix this because everyone is relying on them. There’s not even a question about doing otherwise. Why? Again–because we have this pervasive open source mythology that open source is about open community, governance, security, and all those nice-sounding ideas.

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Replying to Re: Dracula met tmux (…)

Sure 😅 I was just a bit shocked that tmux also has one. For some reason I just always think of it as a rather small tool but, sure, it has so much functionality and scriptability inside of it that it makes sense to also have plugins which need to be managed.

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The new release finally integrates with the Files app, something that previously prevented me from using Cryptomator. They’ve also changed the pricing model, going with a free version that can only read encrypted vaults while the full version also offers write-access. € 11.99 for a lifetime account is fair but there are also some offers if you’ve purchased version 1.x in the past (either free or just €1.99 if you want to make a donation).

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