Here you can find notes about things I discover or learn but are not (yet) worth a full-length post.

I recently re-sparked my interest for InfoSec and started dabbling with a couple of hacking platforms and war games and stumbled over TryhackMe, which so far has been an absolutely fantastic learning resource for information security.

I should really find the time to play around with that, too. Every time I visit a Chaos Communication Congress I say to myself that I should learn more about CTFs and then participate in one but I’ve simply never found the time 😞

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But usually, I add the tasks directly in the day box when I’m supposed to finish it.

That’s exactly why I moved to the Alastair formatting 😅 I don’t want to have pre-defined boxes for dates as I’m simply too lazy to draw these boxes in advance and I wasn’t happy with the sizing options as I either always had too much space or too little 🙃

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Don’t provide a figcaption for an image with an empty alt attribute. Providing an empty string prevents a screen reader from announcing that an image is present, so the figcaption is effectively describing nothing. This is also the case for images that don’t load.

I so hadn’t thought of that! 😣 Now I need to find the time to go through my posts here and fix my captions/alt-texts 😅

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