Here you can find notes about things I discover or learn but are not (yet) worth a full-length post.

Turns out that Füllfederhaus M. Störtz in Graz has Schmidt P8126 refills which are used for instance for the Mark One in stock. Only in blue right now but black will be back in stock soon. I’m always surprised by how much good stuff they have or can get!

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To give back to this community, the GitLab for Open Source Program was created to help open source teams be more efficient, secure, and productive by allowing them to use GitLab’s top tier capabilities.

Projects have to meet some requirements but they sound more than fair! IMO a great move and will hopefully convince some projects to give GitLab another look despite the market dominance of GitHub.

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Replying to Re: Lamy AL star Black EMR (…)

Thanks to this post by Hyde I did a quick look into the EMR pens that Lamy has released recently. The whole idea here seems to be to bring the tactile feeling of LAMY AL-star and Safari (fountain)pens to digital writing on devices like Wacom tablets.

Sadly, that’s just not for me. While I like the feeling those pens (when they don’t leak), I don’t do so enough for that price point. These EMR pens are also not compatible with any Apple devices (since with EMR pens are passive devices while things like the Apple Pencil are active ones). That being said, at this point I’m doing not all that much handwriting on the tablet, something that might change in the future.

But if you do a lot of handwriting on a digital device that is compatible with Lamy’s EMR products, this could be something you at least want to try somewhere. They even offer you different nibs for various surface materials!

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