Don't want IE or Konqueror/Safari users?

… well, then I have something for you ;-) You don’t even have to write invalid HTML …. wait … better not g Anyway. Today this weblog could not be accessed with IE or Konqueror because of a little typo on my side. The site always sent text-html as content type. I’ve never made this typo before so I actually didn’t searched for it. Also the site still worked with Opera and Firefox which seem to ignore invalid mime-types and fall back to text/html. KHTML and IE browsers seem to take the content type really serious and offer you a download dialog or an useless error message if they find something like text-html.

As I’ve already said: The site was more or less offline (or you could say it’s target audience has been limited ;-) ) for many hours today. I even asked the server admin if he could help me so I want to take the chance and apologize to him here: Sorry once again, Frank, and thank you for your help :-)

I even wanted to inform the Firefox/Mozilla developers about their browser being one of two who could be used to access my site ;-)