Some NucleusCMS playing

I’ve just started once again to play a little bit around with NucleusCMS but not really aiming at replacing this weblog with it :-) I just want to play around with its plugin system and its internals. The only thing that I’m really missing here with WordPress is a way to have multiple weblogs with just one installed instance of WordPress. It isn’t really a tragedy because I could simply emulate this feature using categories and rewrite rules ;-)

So what are my goals for this little NucleusCMS adventure? I want to …

  • emulate the “Highlight first entry on index” thing I have here on (done)

  • find out, how I can add new stuff to the postItem form so that I could for example add some TechnoratiTags ;-) (No Stefan, I probably won’t write a TechnoratiTags plugin myself here :-) )

  • find out, if and how I can make plugins work only for specific blogs. Shouldn’t be all that hard :-)

Hmm…. emulating multiple weblogs with just categories and mod_rewrite…. could become quite a funny weekend :D What I basically want is this: I want some kind of book-review or cd-review section for this site with some specific design differences to this weblog here. Shouldn’t be that hard :-)