Gallery scripts

As you can see in the latest daily dump of bookmarks I’m currently testing looking for a PHP gallery script which I want to use here. I’ve already tried quite a few but haven’t really found the right one for me yet. Gallery(2) would be really close, but the problem is, that the server I want to install the script on is running in safe_mode :-(

So the next script I wanted to give a try was coppermine, but it somehow felt a little bit to “feature-rich” for what I need.

What features do I want for my gallery?

  • Load friendly (only generate pages if necessary and also already create the thumbnails when uploading the image or when requested by the admin

  • Descriptions for images and albums

  • It should work if safe_mode is enabled on the server

  • RSS/RSS2/Atom feeds with thumbnails (only generated when an image is added or removed)

  • Images should be .htaccess protected and only accessible through the script itself

Since I couldn’t find a script that offers all that I started to write once again my own gallery. I hope that I will have something to upload here within a few days, right in time for holiday photos ;-)