Spurl2Blog status and information

As mentioned in one of my previous posts and on the Spurl forum I’m currently writing a small Python script that should fetch the latest spurls and post them to a weblog using the MetaWeblog API (since I’m using WordPress ;-) ). Yesterday I only had about half an hour of free time so I didn’t really get that far. I only implemented parts of logic that determines, if a link is new or not. Today will come the actual fetching and perhaps also the posting to the weblog.

I want to write it modular enough that other people can add other weblog APIs in the future. It will be possible to specify the API with a commandline parameter (just like the username and password for the weblog as well as its URL).

What will you need to run this script? You will need Python and the PyXML library, which is needed for parsing the RSS feed. If you want to run it on a daily basis I’d also recommend that you execute the script on a GNU/Linux server (or BSD etc.) using Cron.