Plans for the summer: Getting into Cocoa

For the last couple of months, or to be honest since I got my Powerbook, I wanted to get into development on Macs for Macs. So I’ve been playing around with Objective-C for example to integrate one of my scripts with Safari and things like that.

This summer I finally want to take the time to do something with Cocoa and GUIs and am therefor looking for some good books about this topic as addition to the articles available on Apple’s developer site.

One Cocoadev I found a nice listing of books about this topic and will probably first work through the “Become and XCoder” book for now, but I’m still looking for more recommendations. Esp. “Cocoa Development for MacOSX” seems to have got quite a lot of votes on cocoadev and is at a price that I somehow can still afford :) At least if I order in the USA … On the German Addison Wesley site it costs 50EUR … nah.

It’s really ridiculous how expensive all these books are here :-(