Admit to be a Baby Gopher

It seems like many people are trying to get into Go right now and I’m pretty sure that quite a few of them learn the same way as I do: Skimming through one or two tutorials to get down with the syntax' basics and then go right to porting some tools or writing some simple projects. For me, there is just no better way for getting to know a new library ecosystem and system infrastructure.

Once I’m relatively happy with my first code I just attach a MIT/BSD license to it and push it onto Github in case someone has the exact same problem. Naturally, the code that comes out of this phase probably lacks some best practices or could be write far nicer. And that’s exactly where your admission to be a Baby Gopher comes in. “Baby Gopher” is a cute little badge that you put into your README to tell everyone that you just started learning Go and that you’d love to get some feedback.

Right now that’s basically it, but there is a ticket about generating a list of all projects that use this badge. I don’t really know how this might work with the image itself being hosted on Github, so getting referral information out of it is probably problematic at best. It would be pretty sweet, though!

Big thanks to Nic Williams and Ruben Koster for this little buddle of joy :-)