EuroPython Conference Software Sprint in Berlin

The software used for this year’s EuroPython conference website is actually a continuation of what was original developed by Markus Zapke-Gründemann and Stephan Jäkel for the very first PyConDE conference in Leipzig 2011. Over the years people joined/moved on but back then just as today the team has always been extremely small so we are always looking for people to help out. If you are in Berlin during the weekend of March 22 - March 23 or simply want to help with the project, there is a coding sprint for the software taking place in the offices of Veit Schiele Communications GmbH.

Markus Holtermann will be there and I will join remotely from Graz (Austria) to answer all question you might have and or pair. In the next weeks until the sprint happens I will try to update the project’s documentation (which is mostly still focused on the PyConDE-featureset) so that you will have a smoother start.

For details please check out the page at If you want to take at the software first, you can find it on Github.