Star Trek: Seekers

Just a couple of days ago I finally finished the second book of the still quite new “Star Trek: Seekers” series. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Seekers is the successor to “Star Trek: Vanguard” which was set during the Original Series era and told the story of the Federation’s efforts in the so-called Taurus Reach centred around Starbase 47. The series has so far been written by David Mack, Dayton Ward, and Kevin Dilmore.

Seekers now focuses on what happened after Vanguard to the two ships originally assigned to Starbase 47: The Endeavour and the Sagittarius, exploring strange new worlds within the Taurus Reach. From what it looks like after the first two books, the story might end being a continuous one, which I always loved about the Vanguard series. The first two books even started off with a cross-reference to one of the mystery from that era: The Preservers.

Compared to something like the Destiny series, Seekers is definitely more trigger-happy, bringing it more in line with the Enterprise than Vanguard did. Sadly, compared to Vanguard, I don’t really like the characters as much. At least they haven’t yet been made as memorable as their “predecessors” on Starbase 47.

Also, esp. the second book has some rather big problems when it came to plot development. All of a sudden, the crew of one ship could outsmart the Shedai at genetics?! Also the order for orbital bombardment of a location filled with civilians without it being absolutely necessary went even beyond something Kirk might do…

I liked the story enough to continue following it, but I really hope the authors up the quality here instead of jumping from one contrived plot point to the other.

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