Star Trek: Seekers again

About a year ago I wrote a short piece about the Star Trek Seekers series. Back then I was pretty disappointed by how contrived most of the plot ended up being. Last Friday I finished the third book of the series - Long Shot - which takes place a couple of months after the events of book 2.

Perhaps it’s just the writing style of David Mack but I really enjoyed this one quite a bit again. The crew of the Sagittarius detects a weird dark energy phenomenon on a nearby planet and warps there to investigate just to end up more or less inside the event-horizon of the improbability drive from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Morphy’s Law is in full effect here.

What follows is a very entertaining and self-contained story with perhaps a bit too much cheesy dialog. Some of the crew deserve to see the airlock from the other side … Whether that takes place on a class-M world or not is yet to be determined.

The only major problem I had with this book is that the civilisation the Sagittarius crew meets is simply too much like 21st century US/EU. Sure, there are physiological differences and some of the character traits remind you more or sheeple than people but all in all it felt too close to home for me.

That being said, I’m glad I read this one. Star Trek books are extremely relaxing to me since I don’t have to think too much to build the universe around them as I’ve done that already many years ago. Will I also read the next book in the series? Most likely, although probably not this year. There’s too much other stuff I want to finish first 😊

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