Goals for 2015

Before going into what I want to get done next year, let’s do a short recap of what happened in 2014 regarding my Goals for 2014:

  1. Doing more in Go: Definitly achieved this one. In fact, Go has become my second most used language after JavaScript.

  2. More weekend-trips: To some degree, I managed to do that but not as often as I’d have preferred. There were some weekend-conference-trips in February, March, and November but nothing outside of that.

  3. More diverse conferences: Absolutely! dotGo, dotJS, FluentConf, Kod.io were my non-Python conferences this year. Sure, everything is still very web-focused but perhaps I can improve on that next year.

  4. Even more reading: I managed to reach my goal of 25 books just before Christmas and even got another book done before the end of the year. Next year I will tone that down a bit, though, to once again focus on more technical literature.

So, everything considered, I can be quite happy with my 2014-list, especially compared to the success-rate of previous years…

Anyway! On to that I want to get done in 2015:

  1. More JavaScript (server- and client-side): Whenever I code something in my free-time, I usually do that in Go or Python (or don’t code at all). JavaScript is what I do nearly all coding in at work, though, and I kind of want to get rid of that divide between work- and hobby-technologies again. So: Probably more Node and React in the future ;-)

  2. Doing something with Django again: This is perhaps a little contrary to the previous point, but bear with me. Django is still one of the most pleasant to use web frameworks out there. But it’s not just the work with Django itself that I miss but also the people. This year was the first time that I missed DjangoCon Europe and this year I won’t miss it again. And perhaps I can find a project again where I can work with it that isn’t about the framework itself.

  3. Weekend-trips (again): I’m not sure how but I definitly want to do more of them again. I also noticed that I haven’t visited quiet a few of the EU member states, which might be a good start (getting that list down).

  4. More blogging: Over the years I’ve published less and less content here. Twitter and Google+ have become perhaps a little bit too important to me and I forgot what I had this blog in the first place: To force me to make up my mind before I write something on the web ;-) I want to change that again and use this site more again.

  5. No (or probably just fewer) free time projects that I don’t enjoy: I have only a very limited amount of time away from work and during that time I don’t want to work on projects anymore that I don’t enjoy. This doesn’t mean that I won’t help anymore if someone asks me, but I will be more restrictive regarding the requirements for my help ;-)

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