Looking back at PyGraz 2016.03

Last Tuesday we once again had our local Python meetup in Graz. It’s also been the second month in a row where we were hosted by Realraum; big thanks for that πŸ˜ƒ While according to our format rotation we should have had a handful of lightning talks the event ended up as mix of a lightning talk, a full talk, and some addendums which worked really well! I think we even broke our attendees-record this time with IIRC 16 people πŸ˜ƒ

Huge thanks also go to Thomas for his talk about working with XPath in Python and Lukas for his introduction of various functional programming techniques and helpers! As a bit of an addendum to the latter I mentioned Graham Dumpleton excellent wrapt library which makes creating decorators on Python a breeze and also David Mertz’ mini-book on Functional Programming in Python, which I’m reading right now.

Afterwards Stefan was curious about our experience with various web development frameworks so we had a lengthy discussion of where things like JSF and Spring have their place compared to tools like Django or Flask.

If you want to join us, the next meetup will most likely be on 5 April. Since we haven’t had a restaurant-meetup for quite a while now and some topics to discuss concerning the future of PyGraz April’s event will probably take place at either the GΓΆsserbrΓ€u or The Pub. Offical announcements will - as always - be made on meetup.com and PyGraz.org 😊