Forwarding ES6 exports

Recently I stumbled upon a little feature within ES6’s export statement that helps greatly with creating index.js files within a package. When you try to organise your modules into packages you usually end up creating index.js files that simply import elements from one sub-module and export them again.

You are probably familiar with the simple export syntax for exporting a local variable or function to the outside world:

export function myFunction() {}

But the export-statement can also be used to forward exports from another module:

export {name1, name2} from './somefile';

In my concrete situation I had following package:

# tree app/actions
├── auth.js
├── index.js
├── project.js
└── search.js

0 directories, 4 files

Within the application I wanted to import actions like this:

import {login} from './actions';

Using the export-from statement, the index.js for the actions-package now simply looks like this:

export {login, logout} from './auth';
export {addProject, updateProject} from './project';
export {executeSearch} from './search';

Compact and readable 😊