Learning about HTTPS from Troy Hunt

While it might seem like handling HTTPS is easy now thanks to Let’s Encrypt, especially migrating sites to it is far from it. In addition to that, a lot of web developers still don’t even know the basics about HTTPS and cling to some old myths about performance and the costs involved. Luckily, Troy Hunt has published a new course on PluralSight a couple of weeks ago called What every developer must know about HTTPS, which addresses these concerns.

The overview page for the course.

I’ve spent the last week watching all 3.5 hours of this course and cannot recommend it enough to anyone doing web-development! I’m pretty sure, everyone will learn something new here, even if you’ve already worked with HTTPS on a couple of projects. This course won’t teach you about all the different crypto-suits and algorithms and when to enable which to support specific clients (that’s what Mozilla’s SSL Configuration Generator is there for), though. Instead, it will provide you with the knowledge you will need to get going and progress from there. It will also introduce a handful of tools so that you can check yourself that you’re doing it the right way 😊 For me personally, the part about CSP was the most interesting as it will teach you how to migrate a site properly and all the options you have for that.

This was also the first time I attended a PluralSight course and I absolutely loved it. The segments had just the right length and the presentation as top-notch. In addition to that, there is a short test for after you’ve finished the course to test your knowledge. It’s simply a great experience!