What’s in my bag (May 2020)

I haven’t posted my daily load out for quite some time so I thought it was time again! I tend to use one of three bags depending on what I want to transport (or plan to do for the day) I pick up one of the following three:

  1. Peak Design Everyday Sling 6l
  2. Timbuk 2 Command (ca 2016)
  3. Timbuk 2 Especial Tres (ca 2013)

When what?

My new default is the smallest: The Everyday Sling which I reviewed recently. If I plan to work from somewhere other than my apartment I take the Command messenger and if I need to transport a lot, I take the Especial Tres.

The Minimalist

In this post I want to focus on what’s in my Sling bag, since this is my default and the others have pretty much the same in them but simply replace the camera with a laptop (and whatever else I need to transport).

You can find a larger version here

For situations where I just need the bare minimum of stuff with me, I use a Peak Design Everyday Sling 6l (black). In there I have the following items:

The iPad combined with the external keyboard allows me to pretty much do anything except for coding. With the right adapters I can even post-process the pictures from my camera and write and publish blog posts.

The underside of the bag also has two straps that I use to carry a light rain-jacket or weather-proof hoodie with me just in case 🙂