Lamy accent fountain pen

As I wrote in early March, I really enjoy writing with fountain pens. One big issue I still had up until now was, though, that I could only stop smearing and bleeding by using blotting paper right after I’ve written something. This was annoying as it made opening and closing my journal more complicated since I had to position the paper properly.

Back then I had already thought about getting myself another fountain pen but this time with an extra-fine (EF) nib which should solve this issue by simply not releasing less ink onto the paper. I finally decided which pen to get two weeks ago and since last week I’ve been writing nearly exclusively with a Lamy accent EF (€59).

The Lamy accent is a quite sleek and elegant pen that has the grip a little farther back from the tip of the nib compared to something like a Lamy Safari or a Parker Sonnet. Some reviews criticised that but for my way of writing this is actually a feature since I tend to hold fountain pens a bit farther back anyway in order to get a better flow (more curves). The grip is actually the most prominent feature of the accent and not hidden below the cap as it can be replaced. Lamy offers a quite wide variety of different grips from wooden to rubber in various colours so you can customise your writing experience a little more.

You can see a comparison between the Sonnet and the accent size-wise down below:

The pens: Parker Sonnet on the top and Lamy accent below

Another difference between these two is that while the Sonnet has a push cap the accent actually has a little screw in the cap that prevents it from coming off too easily. For me personally, though, the nib makes the biggest difference. I’ve added a little text sample from both pens down below:

Sample text using Parker Sonnet on the top and Lamy accent below

The Sonnet releases - I’d say - around 2-3 times as much ink onto the paper compared to the accent which finally makes blotting paper no longer necessary for me! Problem solved! I haven’t yet tried to use the accent with a ruler but free-hand drawing works even better than with a Pilot Micro for me. This has also led me to no longer switching back and forth between the Micro and the fountain pen depending on what kind of text I needed to write or icon to draw. I just use the fountain pen for pretty much everything that’s supposed to be black in my journal.

In fact, I’m so happy with the Lamy accent EF that I’m might try to convince my partner to also get one πŸ˜…