Simplified daily/weekly planning

About a month ago, u/tinyconversation0 posted in r/bujo a nice, compact way of combining daily and weekly pages in a bullet-journal-like way. Recently, more often than not I wasn’t able to fill even half a page of my journal each day and so I thought, I should give that structure a try!

I’ve now completed a week with it and it has exceeded my expectations. Being able to see my weekly goals every day of the week has improved my planning immensely. It’s extremely calming to know what has to be done by the end of the day and by the end of the week.

Second spread with month calendar

The only thing that I changed about u/tinyconversation0’s template is that I’ve given Saturday and Sunday complete columns instead of only half a column per day. Weekends are not that different from weekends when it comes to the amount of tasks to be completed. The tasks themselves are, but not their quantity.

Will I stick with this format for the foreseeable future? No, I’m still experimenting and next I want to get rid of fixed daily columns/pages altogether and do classic rapid logging with a single spread to organize my weekly schedule. Perhaps next week, perhaps later, … 🙂

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