New weekly planning for 2022

For the last couple of weeks of 2021 I was thinking really hard about getting a Hobonichi Techo for the new year. I would like to not only organize tasks but also keep more detailed daily schedules in my journal. In the end I decided against the Techo, though, as I feared it would be too strict and rigid. For this reason I’m going now with an additional timeline that I’ve added to the layout u/tinyconversation0 posted in 2020 on Reddit and that I’ve been using off and on since then.

A5 notebook spread switch 2 days per page (columns) and a timeline between each day. Multiple pens lying on top of the notebook.

That timeline is placed directly between the daily columns so that I only have to draw it once for two days. On each side of that timeline I then have 1 cm of space for adding events or time ranges. Not a lot of real-estate but quite practical with a pencil.

In addition to that I’m now also creating my weekly double-spreads no longer for just a week in advance but at least a month if not more. I’m now nearly done with my current journal and perhaps I will even prepare these spreads for a quarter or even six months.

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