Good Job! (Nintendo Switch)

About a week ago I decided I had to do something about my pile-of-shame for video games. Heck, I still have the latest God of War game for the PS4 lying around here somewhere in its original shrink-wrap, I still pay for Playstation Plus even though I haven’t even switched my PS4 on in months or played anything since finishing the awesome Horizon: Zero Dawn.

As a first step, I wanted to finish some of the games I have for the Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing isn’t something you can finish so I focused for the last couple of days on another game I had bought around the time AC was released: Good Job!

The game is about a new employee in a company that should finish minor tasks like bringing workers to a certain room for a presentation. Each level is a big sandbox where you can pretty much do anything as long as you finish the primary task:

Redirect water flow to heat up rooms

In the screenshot above you see a level where I had to heat up specific rooms by redirecting hot water accordingly. As the spilled water indicates, I didn’t care all that much about anything else 😅

Another level had me set up Wi-Fi for all employees of a department using access points and range extenders:

Set up Wi-Fi for workers

This also hints at the highlight of the game: Power cables. When you connect them to a far-away appliance then you can use them like a slingshot to cause all sorts of mayhem! Sadly, that mayhem comes at a price: frame-rate. Especially when hundreds of objects are flying around it takes a huge hit! The game is still playable but the frame-rate feels like in the single-digits.

The other issue I had with this game were its controls. It’s far too easy to get stuck especially when you’re driving a forklift or something similar around. In those situations I had to either reset my player (since this option exists I’m pretty sure that the developers were aware of that issue) or try to turn in circles for a minute or two and hope to get free again.

That being said, these were my only issues with the game and they didn’t distract too much from the pure joy of running around, fixing Wi-Fi, and causing destruction in the process 😅 At € 20 it’s at the upper end of what I’d be willing to pay for a “small” game like this, but I definitely had far less fun with pricier titles that offered far less content 😉

Due to the frame-rate issues and the issues with the controls Good Job! gets a 4 out of 5 from me 🙂

Next: Finishing some of these really good Apple Arcade games 😅

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