tint. (Apple Arcade)

As I wrote yesterday, I’d like to get my gaming pile-of-shame a little smaller and after finishing Good Job! for the Switch I’d focus on Apple Arcade games. The first on that list is the puzzle game tint. in which you solve color puzzles using brush and water colors.

Solve color puzzles with your finger as brush

The game at this point has more than 250 puzzles divided into books of 50 puzzles each. Since I probably won’t get all that much beyond the first 50, I thought it was time for a little review after finishing the first book yesterday 😅

You always start off with one or multiple dabs of color and then draw with your finger a line from that spot to a paper icon (e.g. a small butterfly) of a specific color. If the color dab already has the same color as the icon, you can go right to it, otherwise you’ll have to change your brush’s color by going through coloured lines or color amplifiers (the small circles you can see in the screenshot above). There are also some colors that cannot be combined and through which you can therefore not draw your brush. This makes some of the puzzles really challenging but never unfair.

The game’s controls and techniques are quite intuitive although I think that some of the more “advanced” techniques like those amplifiers could be better explained. You simply have to try them to find out how they work. Luckily, resetting the canvas is quick and painless so even if you make a mistake, you only lose a second before you can try again 🙂

In general, I quite enjoyed tint. But I don’t see myself really finishing all 250+ puzzles. It’s still quite relaxing and I will probably return to it from time to time.

Over the years I've written quite a few reviews 🙂 You can find them at /reviews/.

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