Star Wars: Squadrons

Right before the holidays I used the opportunity the Steam Winter Sale provided and got a couple of games that I’ve had on my wishlist for some months now. Chief among those was Star Wars: Squadrons, a successor to the X-Wing series from the 1990s.

So far I’ve only played the single player campaign where you follow the development of β€œProject Starhawk” by the New Republic as part of Vanguard Squadron and Titan Squadron on the Imperial side. Every couple of missions you switch sides to get both aspects of the story which means you also get the chance not only to fly with X-Wings and friends but also get into the cockpit of TIE-Interceptors et al.

The way in which that story is told is mostly through in-game video sequences and mission briefings. Some more action shots and and longer videos would have been great especially towards the end of the campaign. That’s also the only aspect of the game that I can criticize right now. The atmosphere was still awesome!

Gameplay-wise, every fighter/bomber/support-craft feels different from each other. It’s not like you sit in a Y-Wing and fly it like a TIE-Interceptor. You won’t survive long if you do that πŸ˜‰ The controls are good, although it took me quite a while getting used to not having a flight stick at hand. Performance on my gaming PC was also mostly good and loading times were excellent. I died many, many times but getting back into the action took only a few seconds.

The game also comes with extensive multiplayer modes but I haven’t tried them yet. Since some flight-options like the New Republic’s B-Wing are not part of the single player mode, I will probably try to find some time for that in the new weeks πŸ˜€

If you like Star Wars and have a mostly modern PC, this game should be on your SSD 😊

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