Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read any Star Trek or Star Wars book but this one had been on my list long enough and after playing Star Wars: Squadrons I simply had to read it! “Alphabet Squadron” tells the story of Yrica Quell, a TIE pilot that defects a few months after the Battle of Endor. All she wants is to fly but first she has to earn some trust of the New Republic and New Republic Intelligence in particular. And how better to do that than to help them hunt her former squad-mates who are still continuing the battle for the Empire?

The book offers a lot of insight into the early years after the Battle of Endor and how the New Republic was struggling to build itself up from the rebellion and into a government with proper laws and processes. It also shows quite well that the Empire’s military forces and the Empire itself wasn’t purely evil but, like pretty much everything else, has quite a lot of shades. Same goes for the New Republic now as more and more people also within their ranks see some opportunity for power-grabs. Due to that alone I really enjoyed this book.

It also displays quite well the different mindset that the Empire and the New Republic have with regards to their fighter pilots. Yrica takes quite a while to realise that she now has a droid behind here in her X-Wing that can help here during her missions, something that TIEs don’t have.

Compared to the new movies this book has very little content just for comedic effect in it. No Jar Jar Binks, no K-2SO or Grogu eating everything he can get his hands on. It also wouldn’t fit, though, to be honest. The plot is mostly about trust and fighting with ghosts from the past and this works pretty well. The more surprising it was that it took me nearly a month to get through it. I blame Control and Smash Bros 😅

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