Not the time for Control?

Today I wanted, for the first time in a while, play something from my video game backlog again. During the holiday sale on Steam I had gotten Control simply because it looked like something that would be pretty much up my alley: Mystery, conspiracy, action, a bit of horror. If you haven’t heard of the game before, take a look at this trailer from last year.

Turns out, the game starts of much darker than I had anticipated. Perhaps a bit too dark for my current state. Perhaps I just need more chocolate… In any case: I absolutely want to see the story to its end but it might take quite a while due to the depressing atmosphere of the game. If you’ve ever played good old Half-Life, and if you put that on a darkness-scale from 0-10 at 7 and something like Doom on a 8, then Control would be at a 10 or even beyond that scale.

At this point I’m pretty sure I’ll need long breaks after every hour and chocolate … lots of chocolate.

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