Picking up my camera again

Ever since I’ve stumbled upon the Sony A7C I want to spend more time taking pictures again. I’m currently using a Sony NEX-6 which I bought back in 2012 and has served me really well over the years. I think there have only been very few vacations since 2012 where that camera wasn’t at least somewhere inside my luggage.

During the pandemic and with me no longer traveling around the world to attend half a dozen tech-conferences every year, I’ve somehow forgot about my camera (except for that one holiday trip last summer) and pretty much lost all my skills (if I even ever had any). Enough with that! Last week I’ve finally pulled out my small camera bag out of the closet, clipped the camera onto it, and now whenever I go for a walk, the NEX-6 is with me again.

Apricot blossoms near Mur river (on Flickr)

Once I have fun with it again, I might even consider finally upgrading my camera after 9 years. I have no idea if I really want to go full-frame but let’s wait and see.

For the time being I’ve also reactivated my Flickr account. I’ve had that account for 15 years now and since I pay for it, I might as well use it 🙃 Eventually I will probably move to something else that I can host myself (perhaps Pixelfed, perhaps something else entirely). As with the new camera, though, this depends first and foremost whether or not I will use my equipment enough to warrant that step.

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