A new old hobby

Over the course of the last couple of weeks I’ve realised that I needed a hobby that would take me a bit away from my laptop. Don’t get me wrong: I love coding and software-development but I do so perhaps a bit too much. Sitting around at a desk all day pretty much non-stop for the last couple of months has had a detrimental effect on my mood. Riding around on my bike, on the other side, has reminded me how much I enjoy all these many details I see just when looking at all these things I pass by and so I think I’m going to pick up an old hobby of mine: Photography.

This is somehow something that I think about every couple of years… Back in 2021 I wanted to get back into photography but eventually didn’t find the time. Now I’ve come to a point where I think absolutely have to do it. During the last couple of days I did a little experiment by carrying my NEX-6 with me again. Turns out, I had so much fun taking and processing the pictures, that within just a couple of hours I had decided for myself, that I want to treat photography as a proper hobby again!

Random shot from a rare sunny day in Puntigam

This also means that I will probably upgrade some parts of my equipment, mostly my NEX-6, though. Released in 2012 it’s still an OK camera but I want something with even better AF and a newer sensor. Full-frame cameras are still to expensive for what I want to do and so I’ve got a Sony A6400 and one of these nice PeakDesign backpacks I’ve been eying since forever. Heck, I’ve watched videos about this and the Travel Backpack excessively since Friday and in the end simply couldn’t stop myself from just getting that nice Everyday Backpack v2 30l.

Me getting back into photography might actually also solve another of my problems at the end of every year: For some reason, we never take enough pictures to share with family and friends through our yearly photo albums πŸ˜… And that’s also the primary audience for now: Family and friends. Once again, I might reactive my Flickr account eventually but I haven’t made any decisions there yet. Let’s see πŸ™‚