Uncharted: The movie

Last weekend we accidentally had a bit of extra time and decided 30 minutes before the movie started to go to the cinema to watch Uncharted. It felt like something in between “Indiana Jones” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, not completely reaching either of them, but I still very much enjoyed it!

Unlike some folks out there I actually also really like the casting. Sure, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are a bit young for their respective characters but they still play their roles very well. Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer is also a great fit! Of course, things like that are only interesting to you if you’ve played at least the second game in the series but that’s definitely not a requirement to enjoy the movie!

What’s not so great, though, is the plot as it feels a bit flat and has very few surprises. The whole thing simply feels a bit rushed. That being said, if you want to spend an entertaining evening and don’t expect complexity in your story, then Uncharted offers that. It’s definitely one of the better video game adaptations out there. Just don’t put in the extra money for good seats or perhaps even wait until you can get it for your home cinema/TV setup 😅

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