Content and time dimensions

While riding on a bus yesterday, I had a weird thought: When writing a blog post, toot, or tweet I always deal with a single date-time property: The publishing date. But isn’t there more?

If I take a look at my reading list, I have at least 3 dates:

  • The date I added the book to my list
  • The date I started reading the book
  • The date I finished reading the book

But this multitude of time properties isn’t limited to my reading list but also applies to pretty much everything I might put onto my blog or social media presences. For instance, a couple of days I wrote about the “Uncharted” movie where I described the “event” of watching that movie. This alone has two time-stamps: The date I published that post on but also the date I actually watched the movie. In reality, you could also included additional meta data about the movie itself like when it was released in Austria.

Reflecting on this, do I actually care about when I wrote about an event or about when that event took place? I think I might care about both and I will start experimenting with that dimension a bit in the future. At this point I’m thinking about adding a little timeline-view to my website where you can then see all the posts sorted in a way that uses the event’s timestamp, perhaps even including some grouping.

I’m curious where all this will eventually lead me 😅

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