Secret Santa on Givin Gifts

With RedditGifts and their yearly Secret Santa event gone, I’m going to give Givin Gifts a try this year! I had already created an account there last year but somehow never managed to participate in one of their other exchanges. And now the holidays are quickly approaching and so it’s time for me to join the Happy Holidays 2022 exchange!

The registration was a bit different from Reddit Gifts: I no have to write a lengthy letter but just need to answer three questions:

  1. Matching preferences: Where should my giftee come from? “Domestic”; “Domestic or International”; or “Domestic, International, or World-wide”. “International” here means people from the same group of countries I’m in.
  2. Any preferences relating to the exchange: I guess I should write some hints at my Santa into this field, what I’d really enjoy and what I definitely don’t want to get.
  3. General question about the holiday season.

Additionally, I can create a little wishlist with items specific to this exchange but also have a global one that might be useful for other exchanges.

Since this is my first time taking part in an exchange on that platform, I cannot yet say how well the rest of the process on Givin Gifts is going to be; the signup and registration, though, were simple and the interface is friendly. If you also want to join me and around 2200 people at the time of writing at this exchange, you still have until 2022-11-22 1am CET!